Do you live by the 5 % rule?  I am guessing that you do because most of the world functions in this way.  See if this sounds familiar…. We focus our energy on the things that are for special occasions rather than on things that we do or use everyday of our lives.  We save up “special” for a few occasions each year such as a birthday party, anniversary, having company over, or the traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  Such events really only compromise about 5% of our year while the other 95% is often merely walked through in a robotic state, just getting through the days, weeks, until the next ” special occasion”.  We are in wistful anticipation of some later joy.

What if we started treating everyday like it was special and we began to live in the present and we started enjoying the special details of life.  As we all have heard many times, life is not a dress rehearsal.  Living well becomes a habit and if you think about it , so does just getting by.  Let’s change the habit of just getting through the day and really live fully and enjoy the details.

Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking and hopefully placing more joy in the present.  They are in no particular order and therefore will seem quite random.  Just pick a few and get started !

* Create a special place where you read your Bible each day , have a throw blanket to cuddle up with, light a candle, listen to praise music.

* Drink your coffee from a beautiful cup, I give you permission to throw away the one with the chipped top.

* Enjoy afternoon tea, drinking out of a real cup and saucer and having a fun treat to eat too.

*  Use the expensive perfume you received as a gift.

* Purchase beautiful stationery and write a friend a note of encouragement.

* Soak in a bubble bath.

* Place real flowers in your home, don’t be afraid to cut flowers from your yard and enjoy them inside too.  Grocery store flowers can be made into beautiful bouquets as well.

* Take time to look around you and see the beautiful world God created for you each day.

* USE  the China, if you break something, Oh well, you can’t take it with you.  Surprise your family this week by setting the table with your good dishes.  They will all be stunned and wondering what the special occasion is – the special occasion

  is LIFE !

Break the 5 % rule, start enjoying the beauty that surrounds you and take the time to create beauty in your everyday life.  When the small moments are handled with love and thought and care are put into our plans, we begin to appreciate life and the gift from God that it truly is.

Blessings !