Turkey and Rice Soup


6 cups chicken stock

1 Tablespoon of Better Than Bouillon – turkey base

1 left over turkey carcass, cut into small pieces and two turkey wings

2 bay leaves

2 sprigs of fresh thyme

2  tsp. poultry seasoning

1/2 c. chopped fresh parsley

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1 garlic clove, pressed

1 large white onion, chopped

4 medium carrots , chopped

3 celery stalks, chopped

1 pound of turkey meat, chopped into bite size pieces

1/2 c. uncooked rice

Juice of one lemon


In a large stock pot place chicken stock, turkey bones and wings.  Bring to a boil  then simmer for 40 min, allowing the broth to absorb the flavor of the turkey.  Strain and remove turkey pieces so you are left with a clear broth.  Add the juice of one lemon.

While the broth is being settled, in a large pan heat olive oil and garlic.  Add your chopped vegetables to the pan and heat until they have absorbed the oil and garlic.

Place the vegetables, turkey meat, and all spices into the pot.  Add the uncooked rice and bouillon.

Simmer for 30 minutes until vegetables are soft and rice is cooked.

A delicious recipe to help with leftovers during the Thanksgiving holiday!