The x-factor.  It is all the rage in the reality TV world of our day.  Do you have it?  Do you know someone who does?  What is it?

The x-factor has been described as an unknown but vital quality that sets one apart from others.  A certain undefinable yet undeniable quality that someone has “it”.  Also known as a magnetic personality.  The popular TV shows , American Idol and the X-factor shows portray this well. You watch several contestants all with very similar quality singing voices yet you are drawn to watching and listening to certain people because they exude that  “x” quality.

If you are a Christian you have the best “x-factor” of all – you have Christ.  I encourage you today to be that person that others look to because you have something that perhaps they don’t.  Your personal relationship with Jesus allows you to have a magnetic personality that will draw others to Him.

I know, some of you are saying, ” Really Sherri, have you seen me lately”.  You can’t sing, you don’t see yourself as beautiful, charismatic, or maybe even above average.  See we always get stuck in the “Hollywood mode” of comparing our self worth with the things that don’t really matter.  A person with a truly magnetic personality isn’t necessarily the most beautiful, talented or funniest person in the room.  It is the person who is best at making everyone they come in contact with feel validated and empowered to be the best they can be.  It is the selfless interest in others that makes them attractive – Why?  Because they see Jesus in you !  You point others to Him not yourself.  Living a life for Christ and pointing others to Him requires you to use your God-given “x-factor” each and everyday.  You want people to say there is something different about her. What is it?

Be bold, use your “x-factor” for Him today !


Be Blessed –