I am the person who can carry on a conversation with a total stranger, the lady in front of you who is talking to the cashier about her day or the weather and annoying you because you are in a huge hurry and you just want the line to keep moving – yes that is me. So why did I find myself for such a loss of words when I was confronted with the question ” So, tell me, who is Sherri?”

It happened the other evening when I attended a dinner with people who work with my husband. I was happily introducing myself to everyone and carrying on small talk about work, my children, the crummy spring weather we have been having in Colorado, the brackets for college basketball, you know, small talk. Then I met a lady who after I said ” Hello, my name is Sherri”. She came back with “So, tell me, who is Sherri?” She stopped me in my tracks. She was sincere and had just moved to Colorado and was wanting to know who are these people I have been thrown into life with. My mind started thinking about what I should and shouldn’t say. As a Christian, I wanted to tell her that first and foremost I am a Christian, I believe in Jesus. I also didn’t want to scare her away – run a Jesus Freak. So I took a deep breath and started telling her about me. As I started telling her about myself, I started praying at the same time, asking God to direct my words so I would make a positive impact and give her something to think about. As I was sharing, she too was sharing about who she was and she told me she was not into religion but that she was spiritual, still seeking for the right answer. I was able to really talk to her about life and why my faith in God is so important to me. She said I gave her a lot to think about. I honestly don’t know when or even if I will ever see her again, but I left the restaurant hoping what I said would make a difference in her seeking God.

I think so many times we as Christians get flustered when someone directly confronts us about who we are. Evangelism can be such a scary word and I believe most people think if they don’t work at the church they can’t possibly tell others about Jesus. I would encourage you by saying, just tell your story. Who are you? Simply telling others who you are and why Jesus is the most important part of that equation is easier than you think.

On the way home I was reminded of a Beth Moore Bible Study I did years ago about the life of Paul. Paul was going to prison and was convicted of being a follower of Jesus Christ. The question arose, is there enough evidence in your life that you would be convicted of being a believer in Jesus Christ? Do people know you are a Christian? As the Casting Crown song states, ” Let My Life Song Sing to You”. Can you sign the name of Jesus at the end of your day? Tough questions, real questions.

My encouragement to you this week is to tell your story ! You never know how God will use you to bring others to Him.

Blessings !