It is Valentines Day and if you have little ones around, I am sure you have some candy hearts in your house right now. You know the ones I am talking about  – they  say , “Cute”, “Sweet”, ” Hug Me”, “I’m Yours”, “You are Mine”. My daughter and I were making fun sentences with them and as I was looking in the bag for just the right one, I found ” You are Mine”.   I showed it to her and her smile lit up the room and she said ,” That made me feel special mom”.  Isn’t  it great to know that someone loves you enough to say ” You are Mine”.

If you are married then you said wedding vows to each other.  Basically you were saying, ” I am Yours” – ” You are Mine” till death do us part.  That is always good to revisit on Valentines Day.  Yet, the best Valentine ever written was given to all of us.  These beautiful words of love are found in the Bible in the book of John.  John 3:16 says, ” For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  WOW – just think about that for a minute.  God loved you , yes you – the scripture says the whole world as a matter of fact, so that means all of us.  He loved us enough to give us His son, Jesus ,who lived a blameless life and provided the perfect sacrifice for our sins when He died on the cross.  God set the tone for real love.  When you love someone dearly, you are willing to give freely to the point of sacrifice.  That sacrificial love is available to you, you just have to ask.

God has told you ” You are Mine”, now all you have to do is tell him ” I am Yours”