Photographers love the golden hour. It is the time of day shortly after sunrise or right before sun set when the light turns from red tones and harsh sunlight to being infused with more yellow/gold tones.  The sun is low enough in the sky that a soft glow is cast and those soft rays are what filters the photos into what many describe as magic.  We all have seen these photos where faces are glowing or buildings are gleaming. These pictures are stunning.

The medical field also claims a golden hour. Trauma/accidents, heart attacks and strokes have better results and long term recovery if medical attention is given within the first hour of occurrence from initial symptoms.  That hour becomes golden because it literally is a defining life or death moment.

Then there is the beautiful golden hour of childbirth where experts say ideally skin to skin contact should be made between mom and baby immediately following delivery.  This produces high levels of oxytocin to be released both from the mother and the child which experts describe as critical for bonding.

Now, these are all very specific and nuanced, but I think the common thread for success is timing, awareness and then action. If you think about it, everyday we have golden hour moments. So often we overlook or let  moments slip by because we are busy, distracted, or apathetic.  What if we took a closer look into our lives and identified those golden hour moments and then did something about it? 

That is a goal for me in the coming year. Now of course we can’t be at every event or capture every moment to perfection and honestly that isn’t the goal. I do know however, that I can do better at looking ahead and planning so that I am aware of the big events and what I need to plan ahead to capture them and not over schedule.  I want to enjoy the golden hour more frequently and even spontaneously. I hope you will take a moment and be inspired to do the same.