Spinning , spinning, high on pointed toe, around and around , pirouettes across the stage. How does the ballerina do this without falling down?  A focal point.  Now picture a young child with their arms outstretched spinning around and around until they get so dizzy they fall down.  Why did they fall? No focal point.  Your focal point is your center of attention and it keeps your mind focused on the task at hand.  As a little girl, I loved gymnastics and dance and I learned at an early age how to do a full turn, a pirouette.  At my dance class there was a picture of a big yellow smily face and as I learned to turn I was told to look at the smily face every time I made a full turn.  Doing a full turn on the balance beam required a lot of focus and I was taught to “spot” the end of the beam.  This would keep me straight and help me not to fall to the ground. I can still picture that big yellow smile as I turned my way across the dance floor.

What is your focus today?  What is it that keeps you from falling off track in your life?  For me, it is Jesus. Keeping focused on the Lord keeps me from going sideways, from being so overwhelmed by the busyness of life that I fall to the ground because I am spinning out of control.  I confess this is not an easy task; however, the days that I stay focused on Him are the days I feel like I am dancing!  There is a beautiful hymn that was written long ago and it has always spoke deep into my heart.  The refrain says…….

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace.

I encourage you today to stay focused on Him !

Be blessed !