An Experiment in Gratitude

Be thankful for today. You only see it once.  

I came across this quote several years ago, and I wrote it down.  It seemed profound.  I saw it during a time in my life that was particularly hard. If I am being honest, it was on a day that I would never want to repeat and I struggled to find the good in it and be thankful.

Life is like that, some days are hard and some days everything seems to align and feel carefree.  It is during this time that I was desperate to find the good that I started focusing on little things that were good.  A good cup of coffee, a sweet conversation, a bloom on a rosebush or the sound of a bird song drifting across the breeze.  I focused on each of my kids, their unique and fun personalities. I made connection with my husband a big priority everyday – Holding hands, saying I love you.

Those gestures didn’t erase the hard, but they made me realize that hard and good can live side by side.  As a matter of fact, they always do.  Some days we might have to get out the proverbial binoculars to see it, but I promise you it is there if we make the effort to be intentional.

This past month, I did a 10 day “Unexpected Joy” challenge on Instagram.  I shared the small things that brought me joy and asked people to join me and share their small joys too.  The amount of messages I received was overwhelming.  Together we intentionally sought joy which brought about a lot of gratitude.  It really was the small things right in front of us.

I even had one lady tell me she found joy in her husband snoring because he had just battled a serious illness and survived and his snoring meant he was still with her.  I cried when I read her message.  It is the shift to gratitude that allows us to feel joy even when we are experiencing pain. 

I pray today you find small things that bring you great joy!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward.Jun 26, 2020