I took a walk this morning on a beautiful October day in Colorado, complete with bright blue skies and changing leaves. Here is what struck me today… some trees were still green and had no sign of autumn, others were brilliantly displaying their hues of vibrant orange, yellow and deep purple. There were even trees who had dropped all their leaves bearing only their knotted branches. Then I came across this beautiful tree laden with berries and I thought- Everything blooms in its own time. Such a great life lesson and one I wish I would have taken to heart in my younger years. It might have stopped me from comparing or feeling as if I was behind in life.

These trees, this idea of everything blossoming in its own time is a reminder to me to take a deep breath and focus on my own growth, my own journey in this current moment. Let’s not rush the process or compare our growth to others. Your beauty is your own!
Allow it to bloom and trust God’s timing.