Weeding The Garden of Life

Have you ever noticed that the good things in our lives become obscured by the overwhelming ugliness of the “weeds” in our lives.  Weeds in the garden are the plants that are considered undesirable, unattractive or troublesome.  Can you think of some “weeds” you need to pull?

This past weekend I set aside time to weed an area of my backyard that had gotten totally out of hand over the past month.  I had been busy getting ministry plans in order and getting my kids back to school. Neglecting the rock area didn’t seem to be an issue until it actually was time to pick the weeds.  I had promised myself that this summer would be different, I would tend to the rocks weekly so that it did not become an overwhelming task.  I did quite well until last month when the busyness of life overtook me once again and I slacked on those darn weeds.  Luckily I had a sweet friend willing to help me and we spent three hours picking at weeds, talking and laughing.  It is amazing how much you can get done when you have someone by your side to help you.

Garden analogies work well for me because I can see how it mimics my own struggles in life and since I spend a lot of time outside, it gives me time to ponder about the bigger things in my life too.

My husband teases me that I spend all that time picking at the weeds when you can just spray them.  I have found that when I just spray the weeds with chemicals, it just kinda works.  The top of the weed turns brown and eventually over time it withers and blows away.  It doesn’t always get to the root and so in a few short days, you got it, another weed.  I like to pull the weed and get that root out.  Some weeds have shallow roots and come up easily.  Others, like thistles, have tiny little spikes that hurt your hand when you touch them and they have long roots that take effort and tools to remove. Can anyone relate?

Soon the weather will be changing and my summer garden will fade and be covered by the snow fall.  It is important for me to get the weeds out so they don’t germinate , spread and return stronger in the spring.  I am thinking of things in my life that need weeding too.

Caution:  Some weeds if left long enough will eventually flower.  It is important to recognize the weed before it takes root and blends in with the rest of the garden.  From a distance it can look like any other bloom but when examined at a closer angle the spikes on the leaves give it away.  My encouragement to you this week is to look closely in your life for those “weeds”.  Dig them up , get to the root of the problem and get rid of them once and for all.  Happy weeding !

Blessings !