Fill Your Kettle Before You Pour A Cup of Tea

Fill Your Kettle Before You Pour A Cup of Tea

 I have a story to share with you.. I love a good cup of tea. I was back in Colorado last week working at MOPS Headquarters – we had a lot going on and I was super busy. So after a long day, I still had some things to work on and I went to make a cup of tea. I was distracted reading emails and thinking of what I was needing to have ready for the next morning. I wasn’t really paying attention to the details.

 Side note, My son also is a tea lover, so he had made a cup right before me and used the water in the kettle – but again, I wasn’t fully paying attention.  I put the loose leaf tea into the infuser, chose my favorite cup and turned the electric tea kettle on.  I went on to do a few other things and came back to pour hot water into my mug, but guess what?  I didn’t realize there wasn’t any water in the kettle when I turned it on – so no tea for me.  I had to fill the kettle once again with water and start the process over.

So why am I sharing this with you? – because I felt like it was such a good reminder to me to fill the kettle before I can pour a cup of tea.  Common sense right?  But how often as leaders do we  get distracted, do we just keep doing and put our heads down and we don’t even realize that we are depleted, our water is  gone and given to fill someone else’s cup.How often do we not remember to fill up before turning the switch on and expecting for everything to be in full operation even though we are operating on empty.

Obviously this is a metaphor for self care for filling ourselves so that we can pour into others. But it really is essential to good leadership, I would even say it makes the difference between good leadership and excellent leadership. A reminder that our overflow can only happen when we are filled.  For me this time is filled with the time I  spend with God. Reading scripture and praying.  The time I invest in learning –  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

I know I am not alone in this, I also know it takes intentionality to pour into ourselves. So why not start  today – take that time to fill up. Spend some time alone in prayer. Choose a new book to read or listen to a great podcast. Then once you are filled, be ready to share that abundance.

Blessings !