Genuine Hospitality

Genuine Hospitality

I received a panic call from a friend last week and here is what she said – “Help, I’ve been asked to host Thanksgiving dinner and I am freaking out!”  Mind you, this is my friend who lists Door Dash as her BFF.  After I told her to breath, we talked it out and what she was really afraid of was entertaining.  Trying to impress her sister in law and worried about everything she didn’t have. So we flipped the narrative.  Let’s not worry about entertaining, let’s just open our doors and make people feel welcome. That is hospitality and my friend is so good at loving people she will be the perfect hostess.

Three things to think about so you are not worried about entertaining but are able to show hospitality…

  1. Replace “ Here I Am” with “Here You Are”

2.   Remember opening our homes to guests has nothing to do with the size of our home, the decor, or even the food.  It’s about the ability we all have to make people feel welcome.

3.  There is no grand blue print to follow aside from loving others.

You’ve got this!