Kisses from God

Do you appreciate the small things in life?  Are you  waiting for an answer to a big prayer and not seeing the purpose in your struggle? Often times we get ourselves so consumed by our desire or our own issue that I believe we miss the blessings that come from enjoying the silly,the minute, the everyday miracles that overtime become just stuff that makes up our day.

I was given a book last year that I just recently took the time to read.  In this book titled ” The book of AWESOME” , Neil Pasricha explains all things he believes to be awesome.  Here are a few things that made me smile and at times laugh out loud.  In reading this book I realized not only are these seemingly everyday things noteworthy ,some of them truly are awesome.  My favorites from the book plus a few of my own…..

Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday this year.  The smell of freshly cut grass.  A long hug when you really need it.

When you are running late and you find your keys right away and make every green light.  The smell and sound of a campfire.

When the socks from the dryer all match perfectly.  Perfectly popped microwave popcorn.

The smell of crayons and new clothes as the new school year begins.  The day you realize you can drive without your parents sitting in the front seat.

Licking the batter off of the beaters when you are making a cake.  Watching a baby giggle in their sleep.  The first few potato chips after you open a new bag.

When the thing you were going to buy is already on sale.  When you hit the perfect ratio of milk and cereal.

The thank – you wave you get when you let somebody merge in front of you.  Getting a sweet handwritten note in the mail, just because.

Picking up a q and a u at the same time  in a game of scrabble   Getting out of your car at the highway rest stop and stretching really big.

Getting the eyelash out of your eye.  The dew drops on the roses in your garden. When your child searches for you from the stage of the play, finds you, and starts waving with a huge smile on their face.

Getting your car parallel parked on the first try.  Seeing a hummingbird or butterfly visit your backyard.

When your child reaches up to hold your hand.  When your spouse smiles at you from across the room.

I hope by reading these “awesome moments” you will stop and think about what are the small things in your life that make you smile and bring you joy, even if they seem trivial.

My challenge to you this week is to stop and reflect on those moments when they happen in your everyday life and then thank God for making us creatures who have been given senses to enjoy such small things.  I think of them as kisses from God !  Enjoy and be grateful –